Street Scene by Vincenzo Aprile

Street Scene by Vincenzo Aprile
Title: Street Scene by Vincenzo Aprile

Artist: Aprile, Vincenzo

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Subject:   Cityscape
Dimension:   7.00in x 9.00in
Classification:   Originals
Media:   Oil
Style:   Impressionist
Price Framed

<p> Vincenzo Aprile began his artistic career over thirty years ago. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Art in Naples with the highest honors and had immediate success as a professional artist. From a young age his work was in constant demand, his passion for painting and exceptional natural ability as an artist made his work instantly collectable. Naples and the surrounding coastline has been Aprile constant source of inspiration. In common with other artists from the school of Realismo Magico Aprile depicts scenes of beauty and honesty. Sweeping views of the working marinas of Naples, Capri and Sorrento capture the majesty of the natural landscape alongside the fishermen and their working boats.
 Palazzos that were once the sumptuous summer residences of Italy&#39;s nobility now gently crumble, their faded gentility having a beauty all of their own. Aprile paints with the confidence and gusto of a true Maestro.</p>
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