Place de Concorde by Ruth Greer

Place de Concorde  by Ruth Greer
Title: Place de Concorde by Ruth Greer

Artist: Greer, Ruth

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Comment:   Custom and readymade picture frames available.

Subject:   Architectural
Dimension:   16.00in x 20.00in
Classification:   Originals
Media:   Oil
Style:   Impressionist
Price Unframed

<p> For Ruth Greer, art has always been the enduring focus of her life. An awe of the artistic mystique, and a love of drawing, form, and color is present in her earliest memories. Born in a tiny town in Texas, her opportunity for early exposure to fine art and training was limited; however, a move to San Francisco as a teenager opened a whole new world of opportunities. Her enthusiasm kindled by classes in painting and access to fine museums fueled her dream of art as a lifetime endeavor. In 1965 she studied sculpture, partially in clay and wax, under the tutelage of the well known Master Sculptor, Octavio Medellion at the Medellion School of Sculpture in Dallas, Texas. In 1966, she enrolled in El Centro College in Dallas studying all areas of art under notable instructors James Stover and Arthur Koch. Moving on to North Texas State University in 1967, Ruth specialized in oil and acrylic painting and art history.</p>
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