Abstract in Multi-Color by Christian Nesvadba

Abstract in Multi-Color by Christian Nesvadba
Title: Abstract in Multi-Color by Christian Nesvadba

Artist: Nesvadba, Christian

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Comment:   Custom and readymade picture frames available.

Subject:   Abstract
Dimension:   24.00in x 31.00in
Classification:   Originals
Media:   Oil
Style:   Abstract
Price Unframed

<p> Christian Nesvadba was born in 1977 in Vienna, Austria into a family with an artistic heritage spanning over several generations. Participating in ordinary school systems, his talent for drawing was soon recognized by many of his professors, so he began attending a school specializing in drawing and engineering. That, however, was too technical for a young man his age and he decided to devote himself to a more artistic career. His first, and most important, tutor was his father, who was a very well-known and highly successful artist. Although he learned a great deal about drawing from his father, he soon developed his own sense and style of color -- bold, fresh, and vibrant. He traveled extensively and was an ardent photographer. A major leap in his career was winning the Salzburger Kulturfonds prize in 1997, a highly prestigious award for such a young artist. In 1998 he had his first one man show in Salzburg, another in Linz. He made his American debut at the 2000 NY Art Expo. Tragically, Christian died in a car accident on October 7, 2008.</p&g
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