Elusive by Mark Hopkins

Elusive by Mark Hopkins
Title: Elusive by Mark Hopkins

Artist: Hopkins, Mark

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Custom and readymade picture frames available.

Subject:   Wildlife
Classification:   Originals
Media:   Bronze
Style:   Realism
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<p> Recognizing his talent, Mark&#39;s family and several teachers encouraged him, giving him opportunities to use his abilities and introducing him to various artistic mediums. Throughout twenty years to struggle to support his family of six children, Mark needed to supplement the income from his artwork. To this end, he labored at a number of jobs including construction and janitorial services. In addition, Mark spent several years in the Appalachian Mountains building a home with his own hands. These years widened his experiences, tempered his spirit, and honed his skills. Through these years, he experimented with numerous artistic styles and different casting materials, always searching forthe ideal means of expressing himself through his work. From this long quest evolved a remarkably unique style of art and the decision to cast his work in the greatest of all sculptural mediums - BRONZE. Mark Hopkin&#39;s bronzes are seen and appreciated the world over for their beautifully flowing motion, their natural perspectives, and their superior qua
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