Sunset for the Old Windmill by Donald Yena

Sunset for the Old Windmill by Donald Yena
Title: Sunset for the Old Windmill by Donald Yena

Artist: Yena, Donald

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Subject:   Western
Dimension:   9.00in x 12.00in
Classification:   Originals
Media:   Watercolor
Style:   Impressionist
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<p> Donald Yena is a Texan transplanted from Illinois, who like most Texans before and after him, fell captive to his new home undying link to the Old West. As a mature artist, Yena maintains an almost boyhood infatuation with the frontier adventure that has made Texas true-to-life legend. His adventuresome, action-filled oils and watercolors earn their authenticity from Yena&#39;s curiosity for and collection of antique western artifacts and memorabilia. Many of the small pieces of yesteryear collected by Yena and his wife at their San Antonio home reappear in his works as punctuative embellishments to his art. Bronze is another favorite medium of the artist.</p>
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