Launch Pad by Clay McGaughy

Launch Pad by Clay McGaughy
Title: Launch Pad by Clay McGaughy

Artist: McGaughy, Clay

Stock Number: MP-5628

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Price: $1,250.00

Comment:   Custom and readymade picture frames available.

Subject:   Wildlife
Dimension:   15.00in x 20.00in
Classification:   Originals
Media:   Watercolor
Style:   Impressionist
Price Framed

<p> There are many artists and there are many outdoorsmen - there are few artist outdoorsmen. The characteristics are seldom gathered in one man. A noted exception is Clay McGaughy whose paintings show not only a technical mastery of his medium but the knowledge of one constantly associated with the world of nature. Soon after his birth in Tupelo, Mississippi, his family moved to San Antonio, Texas. He received his degree in art from University of Texas. In addtion to his painting, he has done illustration work for a number of nationally known magazines and governmental agencies.</p>
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