Nature's Winter Blanket by Dalhart WIndberg

Nature's Winter Blanket by Dalhart WIndberg
Title: Nature's Winter Blanket by Dalhart WIndberg

Artist: Windberg, Dalhart

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Comment:   Custom and readymade picture frames available.

Subject:   Landscape
Dimension:   24.00in x 18.00in
Classification:   Prints
Media:   Limited Reproduction
Style:   Impressionist
Price Unframed

<p> As a young man, Dalhart Windberg toured the museums of Europe, studying the development of European art through the centuries. The native Texan was most impressed by the work of Renaissance masters. Thus began the evolution of Windberg&#39;s own distinctive art -- contemporary American rendered in traditional European style. The smooth brush technique made popular by Windberg in this country is his own variation of the masters styles. Unlike familiar oil paintings, his have no trace of brush strokes. His smooth canvasses, fragile in appearance, each shade and color blending indiscernibly into others, have become his distinctive style. Also skilled with the palette knife, he creates these paintings with vibrant color and texture. Windberg often borrows elements from different country side scenes and skillfully reconstructs them on canvas in a new, refreshing setting. With artful use of light and shadow, his landscapes capture an isolated peaceful moment.</p>
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