Mountain Stream by D.S. Kim

Mountain Stream by D.S. Kim
Title: Mountain Stream by D.S. Kim

Artist: Kim, D. S.

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Mountain Stream encompasses a new vitality with his successful attempt to illustrate the rushing water of a mountain spring; as it roars over ‘choppy’ rapids.  Violent marks of white anchor the composition to the acute eye level stance.  Nature is addressed in a cool color palette, accented with truths of warm hue tinges. Slightly upward, the perspective exemplifies the angular viewing as Kim places the viewer downstream,
Subject:   Landscape
Dimension:   36.00in x 48.00in
Classification:   Originals
Media:   Oil
Style:   Impressionist
Price Unframed

<p> Dong Sool Kim was born on August 15, 1961. As his grandfather was an art professor at a local university, painting was perhaps an inborn talent Dong Sool held within himself. While in middle school, his art teacher noticed his talent in art and recommended further training. That was when the young artist began experimenting with pastels and watercolors. After furthering his art studies, Dong Sool graduated from Pusan Art High School. In 1983, Dong Sool received a degree from the Dong A University of Art. In 1985, he became an art instructor for the Art Institute in Korea where he worked for three years. In 1986, D.S. Kim exhibited in Seoul Gallery as a member of the Seoul International Arts Association. In 1987, he participated in and painted abroad for the Artist Exchange Program for Korea, Japan and China. In 1988, Dong Sool traveled throughout Europe to continue his studies and development of his sketches and paintings. In 1989, he moved to Paris, France and he currently resides in the Province of South France.</p>
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