Tranquility by M.S. Park

Tranquility by M.S. Park
Title: Tranquility by M.S. Park

Artist: Park, M. S.

Stock Number: X-7929

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Price: $2,500.00

Comment:   Custom and readymade picture frames available.

Subject:   Landscape
Dimension:   30.00in x 40.00in
Classification:   Originals
Media:   Oil
Style:   Impressionist
Price Unframed

<p> M. S. Park was born on August 11, 1951 in Eum-Sung, Chung-Buk Province, Korea. It was not until he reached the age of 26 that he started formal training of his artistic skills. Prior to that, he experimented with pencil sketching and oil painting and he was able to effortlessly create luscious landscapes, serene landscapes and awe-inspiring garden scenes. By 1977, his natural talent and his uncanny use of exquisite natural lighting were undeniable and he embarked on formal training at the IAD company. During his training, he perfected his oil painting techniques and became instantly successful with his enchantingly peaceful woodland scenes.</p>
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