Triangle Pink Three Rotors by Jim Lapaso

Triangle Pink Three Rotors by Jim Lapaso
Title: Triangle Pink Three Rotors by Jim Lapaso

Artist: Lapaso, Jim

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Comment:   Custom and readymade picture frames available.

Subject:   Abstract
Classification:   Originals
Media:   Art Glass
Style:   Contemporary

<p> Having come from an artistic family, I began sculpting at a very early age. As an adolescent I spent a lot of time in a local quarry digging up clay and making things for friends and family. My father taught me to work with wood, building furniture and carving. In 1972 I enrolled at the Hill Fine Art Center where I studied under the great metal sculptor, Orion Hargett. I started out taking lessons and went on to teach photography and wood sculpture there and at Joliet Jr. College and eventually came to own and operate the Hill Fine Art Center until 1982. In those years I made and taught wood sculpture while I studied the masters of kinetic art and in 1998 decided to channel all my energy into embracing that medium. In the beginning I used copper but soon changed to stainless steel. I love the idea of taking this heavy and seemingly unyielding metal and transforming it into a piece that floats like a feather and will last for years and years. I love kinetic sculpture because of all the different mechanisms there are to design with.</p>
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