Day By The Lake by Willi Bauer

Day By The Lake by Willi Bauer
Title: Day By The Lake by Willi Bauer

Artist: Bauer, Willi

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Subject:   Landscape
Dimension:   13.00in x 16.00in
Classification:   Originals
Media:   Oil
Style:   Impressionist
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<p> Willi Bauer was born on July 7th, 1923 in the Spessart region of Germany. He studied at the Staedel Academy of Fine Art in Frankfurt, under Professor Della Villa. Ranking among the most important and successful of contemporary German artists, Bauer&#39;s art has been purchased by galleries and collectors all over the world. This international recognition can be attributed to the artist&#39;s vivacity; his bold, impressionistic contemporary style of capturing the moment as he sees it. Willi Bauer, the man, is as profound and interesting as his paintings. Influenced by his environs - inspired by all that is around him, Bauer neither limits himself, nor his art to a couple of favorite themes. His paintings are composed of all aspects of life from depictions of serene provincial gatherings in summer (Garden Party) to the tranquility and solitude winter can portray (Winter Time). The joyful exuberance of engaging in social activities, the calmness and passivity of introspection and reflection are reproduced on his canvases in sparking colours and
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